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As a landlord you need to make sure your property is safe and habitable for your tenants. By calling A Chart Electricians, we will ensure your rental property is electrically safe with our landlord testing and inspections, finding any hidden problems and repairing them fast.

Our Landlord Testing Includes:

Finding And Repairing Any Problem

 •  Visual testing

 •  Full electrical testing and inspection

 •  Issuing Landlord Safety Certificates

 •  Offering honest, professional advice on electrical safety requirements

 •  Ensuring all relevant documentation is up to date

The landlord inspections and testing we do in Brackley is comprehensive, making 100% sure we find any electrical problems or faults before they can become a major issue.


From testing and inspections to assisting you with relevant documentation, our experienced electricians will offer expert advice, whilst making sure your property is a safe place to live. For more information on all our electrical services, call A Chart Electricians today.

Keeping You And Your Tenants Safe

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